Okeanos Coastal Engineering Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Okeanos

OKEANOS is a multi-disciplinary consulting company specialising in Coastal, Marine and Environmental Solutions. Our team has a unique combination of scientists, engineers and environmental specialists, many with advanced degrees in their fields and have been providing engineering and consulting support services to a broad range of coastal and marine projects in Middle East, India and Vietnam. Our Principle focus is on the following services:

  • Field Surveys/ Investigations
  • Coastal Numerical Modelling
  • Environmental Numerical Modelling
  • Marine Environmental Assessments
  • Metocean Study
  • Coastal and Marine Structures Design
  • Moorings and Navigation Study
  • Geo-Spatial

OKEANOS assist clients with complex environmental and development issues associated with the coastal and marine environment. Delivering practical coastal, marine and environmental solutions requires an in -depth understanding of coastal processes , oceanographic and metrological conditions which are analysed using intensive field investigation, a wide range of sophisticated modelling and analysis tools. OKEANOS has made significant investments in these systems and can offer a handpicked selection of the best available and always strives to bring the most recent advances to the client. We provide strategic assistance and an integrated approach, assuring the project success.

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Email: Info@Okeanos.in